Semalt Expert – 7 Must-Have WordPress Plugin Types

We cannot deny the fact that over 25% websites and blogs are powered by WordPress, making it the best content management system online. There were times when was the only choice for content marketers and writers, but now WordPress is widely used and liked due to its ability to extend the functionalities of a site. In simple words, you can easily add hundreds to thousands of plugins to your WordPress site and can improve its performance. The plugins have made it easy for the programmers and non-programmers to build and maintain a professional website. You don't need any technical knowledge to launch a website because the WordPress plugins are there to make your work easier and faster than ever. Some WordPress plugins help us boost the website or blog traffic while the others help us improve the conversion rate and reduce the bounce rate.

Oliver King, a leading expert of Semalt Digital Services, has tailored 7 main types of WordPress plugins you should know about.

1. Caching

Caching is one of the best and most famous facets for your online business. It can drastically decrease the loading time of your web pages and offer an outstanding user experience. Also, this suggests you how to reduce the bounce rate of your site and leaves a good impact on the search engines especially Google. The faster your site loads, the higher and better its search engine rankings are. It should come as no surprise that the visitors tend to navigate away from your site if it does not load within five seconds. That's why you must improve the loading speed of your site with the right kind of plugins. Though there are many options available, but the best WordPress plugins are W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.

2. Subscription option

You must have heard that money is all in the mail. This is what the successful entrepreneurs believe in. A huge list of subscribers can help you grow your business at a faster rate and can get you loads of sales leads. It will also let the webmasters get returning visitors to their sites and blogs quickly. The best subscription plugins for your WordPress site are Newsletter Sign-Up and WP Subscriber Pro.

3. SEO

If you want to drive organic traffic to your website or improve the search engine ranking, you should optimize your web pages for SEO. Adding meta titles, descriptions and meta tags manually is quite hectic and annoying, but integrating the plugins to your site will remove the manual will and will help you add the relevant information in no time. The best and most famous WordPress plugins in this regard are WordPress SEO by Yoast, One SEO Pack, and SEO Ultimate.

4. Analytics

As the matter of fact, all webmasters should know about the ranking of their website. Without any proper knowledge about the quality of your traffic, you can never take the right marketing decisions. That is why you should integrate your site and install Google Analytics like analytics tools on it. Jetpack is also good to go with as it gets right data to you without creating any confusions for you.

5. Landing Pages

Landing pages play an important role in improving and enhancing the conversion rate. If you want to nurture extra sales leads to content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing, you should get effective landing pages. A landing page can convince the users to sign up for your newsletters and makes the purchases possible. In WordPress, there are various plugins to help you create compelling landing pages, but Landing Pages, Zedity and Optimize Press 2.0 are the best.

6. Related and famous posts

Almost all webmasters struggle with the problem of high bounce rate. The users come to your website, read the content, like and share it, and navigate away to the other sites. This happens when you don't tell your story impressively. A visitor will not spend more than three seconds on your website and you need to reduce the bounce rate for better search engine rankings. The most famous WordPress plugins that can add Popular or Related posts on your site are WordPress Related Posts, andYet Another Related Posts Plugin.

7. Social media integration

The social media sites help us a lot in online marketing. Almost all websites focus on driving traffic from social networks. With over ninety percent people using Facebook and Twitter to communicate with family and friends, nothing is better than using social media plugins to engage them. The best WordPress plugins in this regard are Ultimate Social Deux, Floating Social Bar, and The Social Links.